Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Steal Her Style-Aubrey Plaza

Actress Aubrey Plaza (Scott Pilgrim, Safety Not Guaranteed, Parks and Recreation) has very recently stolen my heart. I shan't lie about the reason. A close friend told me that Ms Plaza reminded her of me. Someone that's a bit like me? I was instantly smitten.
You may have read the interview with her in the March Issue of ASOS magazine where she confesses her obsession for sunglasses and repeat buys of grey Current/Elliott T-shirts. She comes across as having simple, classic tastes, but if you look up photos or videos of her, it's clear she's not afraid of bright colours or novelty moustache items. Winning combination if you ask me!

Aubrey Plaza Steal Her Style

Catch Aubrey in Parks and Recreation, starting Marcg 6th on BBC4, at 10pm.

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Camembert Croissant Overload

One of my favourite blogs is The Londoner. Read it if you dare-you'll be hungry within seconds. The other week, a post entitled "Sweet Baby Cheesus" was put up, and it came with a disclosure to "look away now". If only I had heeded this warning! I wouldn't know that my cause of death will from now on most likely be a heart attack, after my arteries get clogged with camembert and pastry. Oh pastry. This is another delicious use for the Jus' Roll croissant pastry I blogged about a few days ago. And it's bloody marvelous.

I did adapt the recipe to my own tastes/cupboard stores. I used redcurrant jelly as opposed to apricot jam, merely because I had some in the fridge. I also sliced the top off my camembert and stuck some rosemary in before plonking the top back on. But the long and short is that you unroll the croissant pastry pack, take off a triangle from each end, then spread the remaining long piece with jam/jelly, and wrap up a camembert. A delightful pastry present. Then bake for 10-15 mins!
I also went a bit eighties style, and dipped bread into the cheese, and then double dipped it into a bowl of nuts and dried fruit. Oddly tasty!
I cannot recommend you try this dish enough/check out other recipes from The Londoner. At your own risk of course!

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Twit Twoo-Leather, Spikes and Owls

Leather Sleeve Knit-The Ragged Priest (via Topshop Oxford Circus), Owl Trousers-Zara, plus Converse.

When you've got fuck off massive spikes poking out your arms like a weapon, you must pair them with the girliest item you own. In my case, pale peachy pink trousers with fluffy little owls all over them.

Friday, 8 February 2013

Sweet and Savoury Jus' Roll Croissants

I am such a fan of cheating at baking. The Jus' Roll Croissant pastry is without a doubt one of the best inventions ever. Unable to decide on sweet or savoury I made both. You get 6 croissants per can, so I spread four of them with Marmite, and added slices of cheese. The other two recieved a generous coating of chocolate spread (the swirly milk and white kind), and a small handful of mixed fruit and nuts. Then, as the name suggests, you jus' roll 'em up into that delicious spiral of dough, and bake them at 180, for 10-15 minutes. Et voila!

Me and the boy wolfed them down in about 5 minutes flat.

Guaranteed empty plate, every time.

What would you put in yours? I am of course wanting to try and put bacon in.

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Hello Purple!

A few weeks ago my hair underwent a rather large change! It involved a friend losing 11 hours of her life bleaching my hair more than should ever be allowed, and many many pots of dye. But I am so so pleased with the outcome, I feel like a My Little Pony, especially when I consider my thigh tattoo.

For reference, I used (several lots of) Jerome Russel B Blonde cream peroxide and powder bleach (for medium to dark brown hair) and a combination of La Riche Directions hair dye in Violet and Lilac, and Smart Beauty hair colour in Electric Blue.

I top up the colour once or twice a week before I wash my hair, and I've just topped up my dye range using this ebay seller, where I got five pots of dye, as well as postage, for £19. In my regular shop, they cost £4.50 each! Five pots of dye is going to last me at least 2 months, probably more!

I have also been using Touch of Silver Brightening Treatment as my regular shampoo, as this leaves a lilac tint on blonde hair if used too often! There is logic there.

Whaddya think!?