Sunday, 6 January 2013

Bacon Roast Potatoes + Sunday Undies!

Bacon Wrapped Roasties

Roast potatoes are undoubtably one of the greatest things in the world. Only one way they can be made better... wrap 'em in bacon.
It tastes so good, and it's such an easy and cheap way to change up your Sunday roast.
Just wait til your potatoes (preferably homemade, or frozen if you're feeling lazy) are almost done. When there's about 15 minutes cooking time left, just wrap a few potato parcels in delicious bacon. I used half a rasher per potato. Then stick back in the oven to continue cooking. Then dig in!

Now you might be feeling a bit lethargic and full of tummy after the bacony goodness. Slipping into some fancy pants will definitely perk you right back up! My New Years resolution for the last 3 years has been to wear matching underwear. This year I've decided to give myself a winning chance by actually owning some matching sets. This "Heart Breaker" set from Playful Promises has to be one of my favourites with it's tongue in cheek design! I think it comes in other colours too, but the purple is currently on sale-the bra down to £12 and the knickers down to £10. It comes in sizes like Small, Medium and Large rather than cup sizes and fits like a triangle bikini does-so may not be suitable for those of you blessed with larger assets than my size smalls, but a set like this is fashion not function, and is very pretty indeed!

Happy Sunday everyone, I wish amazing roasts and flirty lingerie for you all!

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